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At Daily Jus, we are committed to empowering arbitration professionals to excel in today’s highly competitive and complex legal industry. As an integral part of the Jus Mundi and Jus Connect universe, we contribute to Jus Mundi’s overarching objective of interconnecting legal worlds to power global justice, providing professionals with the legal information and experts they need to succeed. But we are more than just a blog.

Daily Jus is your comprehensive hub for all things arbitration, providing not only legal articles and news but also invaluable content on career development, personal branding, legal tech and AI advancements, and more.

Our unique position allows us to merge data-backed insights with innovative resources that transcend the offerings of traditional legal sources. This is why we present a comprehensive suite of support, empowering arbitration professionals to new heights.

With Daily Jus, you’ll gain access to:

  • Legal articles covering everything from:
    • Legal developments in the arbitration landscape;
    • Current legal trends within specific industries;
    • Regional insights;
  • Jus Connect data-backed Rankings that showcase the leading professionals and firms in the field
  • Exclusive legal & industry-specific reports that keep you ahead of the curve
  • Growth strategies and effective legal marketing tactics that drive leads and grow revenue
  • Cutting-edge career advice to drive success.

Daily Jus serves as the ultimate destination for anyone striving to remain competitive in the ever-evolving dispute resolution landscape. Whether you are an arbitration professional, part of an in-house legal or governmental team, expert, academic, student, or involved in marketing and business development, our platform caters to your unique needs.

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Reach out to Clémence Prévot, our Editor-In-Chief, via email or via Linkedin.

Being featured on Daily Jus is more than an accolade; it’s a strategic move to enhance your visibility within the arbitration community, establish yourself as an expert, build a compelling portfolio, and connect with other professionals in the field.

Welcome to Daily Jus, where expertise meets opportunity in the world of arbitration.

Meet the Team

Clémence Prévot

Editor-In-Chief of Daily Jus
Content Marketing Manager of Jus Mundi and Jus Connect


Clémence Prévot is a former arbitration lawyer, qualified in New York and Paris, having worked in law firms, an arbitral institution, as a mediator, and with third-party funders, in different jurisdictions.

These days, her focus is on supporting the growth of legal professionals through publications and mentoring the next generation of arbitration practitioners to make their mark in the field. From heading Daily Jus and Jus Mundi‘s Blog to developing content collaborations, our newsletter, and our famous Industry Insights Reports, Clemence brings practical insights to all her work, thanks to her all-around experience in arbitration.

Have feedback, content ideas, tips, news, or suggestions? Reach out; she doesn’t bill for her time anymore, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

 Hanh Huynh

 Co-founder & Head of Jus Connect



Hanh Huynh is the Co-founder and Head of Jus Connect, a Jus Mundi brand that connects legal professionals and firms around the world. With a background in both the legal and finance sectors, Hanh’s unique expertise is critical to driving this new business vertical forward.

Hanh’s legal career began at an international law firm in Munich, where she gained valuable experience in the legal industry. She then transitioned to an in-house role at Amazon, further expanding her legal expertise. After years of legal practice, Hanh decided to take a leap and join a Venture Capital fund that co-invested with some of the world’s leading British and American funds. This experience gave her a new perspective on the business world and fueled her passion for connecting legal professionals and firms around the globe.

 Sneha Ashtikar-Roy

 Head of Marketing of Jus Mundi and Jus Connect


Sneha Ashtikar-Roy began her career as an associate at an international law firm in Paris, where she gained invaluable experience in the legal industry. However, after five years, her creative instincts led her to switch careers and pursue marketing.

Sneha is passionate about discussing a variety of topics related to marketing and business development, including networking, revenue growth strategies, and personal branding. In addition to her love for marketing, she also has a strong interest in learning new languages and immersing herself in foreign cultures. While she has yet to master Japanese, Sneha enjoys cooking international cuisines and exploring new foods from around the world.